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Always Send a Thank You Letter After an Interview


So, you aced your interview and you are almost certain you will be offered the job. However, should you take that extra step and write a thank you note to your interviewer? We say ABSOLUTELY!

Here are six reasons why a thank you note could be just as important as a good interview:
  • Makes you memorable in what might be an endless pool of candidates. Your thank you note can make the interviewer take that all-important second look at you as a candidate.
  • The letter reminds the interviewer of your skills and qualifications. Expanding upon your resume in person is one thing, but how will the hiring manager remember you? The thank you letter refreshes his or her memory.
  • The opportunity to spin a negative into a positive. Did you make a flub in your interview, or perhaps give an impartial answer? Now is the time to change the outcome of your interview.
  • Show you genuinely care about the company and position. A thank you note shows that you take pride in your work. If given the choice between two candidates that are equally matched in terms of skills and experience, who wouldn’t give the opportunity to the more eager candidate of the two?
  • Appreciation. Your interviewer is busy and hiring personnel is very time consuming, so a thank you note shows you appreciate your interviewers’ time.
  • Demonstrate your competence with computers. If you are applying for a position where computer skills are necessary, this could be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate you possess the required expertise.
Take the extra step and write a thank you note to show you REALLY want this job. 

Your name
Your Address
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Interviewer Name
Interviewer Title
Company Name
City, State, Zip

Dear Mr./Ms. Interviewer:

The first few sentences should express your appreciation and thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you about the ‘Position Title’ at ‘Company name’. You might want to refer to the fact he or she introduced you to other team members during the interview, or perhaps how he or she provided you with additional and valuable information about ABC Company. These are valid topics for your first paragraph.

Use the second paragraph to assert your excitement about the opportunity and company, and why it appeals to you.

The third paragraph should re-affirm why your qualifications and expertise are a good fit for the company. Then, reiterate something brought up in the interview - for example: did the interviewer discuss company goals for this upcoming year? Mention how your skills and experience would help the organization achieve those. Did you forget to mention an accomplishment or did you make a flub in your interview? Turn it into a positive here.

The closing section should let your interviewer know that you are contactable, and you should say thank you one more time. Mention you look forward to hearing from him or her at their convenience.

Sign with ‘Sincerely,’ ‘Respectfully,’ or ‘Regards,’

Your Name
Sign with blue ink if sending it snail mail.