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A Cover Letter Can Set You Apart At The Start


Fonts like Georgia and Times New Roman are preferable for cover letters, while the elaborate or ornate (such as Comic Sans or Harrington) should be avoided. It is important to present your qualifications and skill set in a clean and clear manner. Distracting fonts merely deter reader focus. So, keep things simple with your cover letter.

Your email address is also very important so a) make sure it is professional in nature and b) ensure your cover letter contains a direct link to it.  Your email address should be a url link so the letter's recipient can connect to you in just one click. Avoid a username with numbers or nicknames (e.g. Set yourself up with a new email account specifically for professional purposes if necessary. An additional benefit to creating a unique email address for your job search is that it enables you to use it for social networking. Most people use the same email address for all accounts they create (Facebook, Twitter etc).  If a potential employer searches your email address what would they find?  A new email address is less likely to lead to the information you would not want a Hiring Manager to see.

Last but certainly not least, address your letter to a specific party. Instead of using Sir, Madam or To Whom it May Concern, do your homework and find out the Hiring Manager's name via LinkedIn, Facebook or another networking site. If all else fails, call the company directly to obtain that all-important name.

Your Name
123 E. 1st Street Phoenix, AZ 85032

Recipients name
Company Name
Company Address
City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms. ___________

Describe the job title you are applying for and where you found out about it. Did you locate it on a job board, or did a friend at the company pass along the details?  Let them know.  Being able to list someone you both have in common is a great idea! Or perhaps you can mention how reading about the company in the media sparked your interest.

Include a summary of your career. The interviewer can read your resume and see you have 10 years of management experience under your belt, but what have you learned about managing a group of 40?  Be specific. How will your skill set help this company? If your correspondence appears ‘generic’, it will be a red flag to your interviewer.

Your third paragraph should list specific accomplishments. A list of bullet points will help your reader absorb your experience and achievements.

Your closing should let the interviewer know when you would be available to interview. Leaving a strong call to action makes the interviewer realize you are serious about the job, plus it shows confidence in your skills and suitability.


Your Name